Description Implements a wrapper to the Percepio SE FreeRTOS+Trace library. See this blog post.
Component PercepioTrace.PEupd
Dependencies FreeRTOSTrace, FreeRTOS v1.095 or later

Important Information

Starting January 1st 2013, the latest and greatest versions of components and examples are hosted on GitHub.


(c) Copyright Percepio AB, 2012
http : www.percepio.se
mail : info@percepio.com
Processor Expert port: Erich Styger, 2012

* Terms of Use
* This software is copyright Percepio AB. The recorder library is free for
* use together with Percepio products. You may distribute the recorder library
* in its original form, including modifications in trcPort.c and trcPort.h
* given that these modification are clearly marked as your own modifications
* and documented in the initial comment section of these source files.
* This software is the intellectual property of Percepio AB and may not be
* sold or in other ways commercially redistributed without explicit written
* permission by Percepio AB.


Date Version Description
05-Aug-2012 1.005 Updated to be compiled with gcc.
07-Jul-2012 1.004 Support for Freescale Kinetis (Cortex-M4) family. You need at least FreeRTOS v1.195.
03-Jun-2012 1.003 Updated to Percepio FreeRTOS+Trace V2.2.2.
29-Mar-2012 1.002 Updated methods and configuration possibilities. Tested with ColdFire, HCS08 and HCS12(X).
25-Mar-2012 1.001 Initial release for FreeRTOS+Trace v2.2.1. Tested with ColdFire and HCS08.


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