Description Driver for a LED.
Component Led.PEupd
Dependencies GenericBitIO

Important Information

Starting January 1st 2013, the latest and greatest versions of components and examples are hosted on GitHub.


License : Open Source (LGPL)
Copyright : (c) Copyright Erich Styger, 2013, all rights reserved.

This an open source software implementing an LED driver using Processor Expert.
This is a free software and is opened for education, research and commercial developments under license policy of following terms:
* This is a free software and there is NO WARRANTY.
* No restriction on use. You can use, modify and redistribute it for personal, non-profit or commercial product UNDER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
* Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice.


Date Version Description
22-Feb-2013 1.050 Because of possible name conflicts (CodeWarrior already comes with a LED component for DSC), this package contains the LED component under the different 'LEDbit' name.
31-Jan-2013 1.049 Updated for IAR. See this post.
29-Dec-2012 1.048 Added PWM and shell interface. See this post.
25-Dec-2012 1.047 Simplified component using BitIO instead of LDD interface. See this post.
08-Aug-2012 1.046 Component is enabling/disabling LDD or BitIO group automatically.
29-Jul-2012 1.045 Fixed issue in LDD version: Method Get() did return wrong values.
04-Sep-2011 1.044 Initial release.


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